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 Rhodes Arabic Word summary
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noun [COL] Collective-based[M] Masculine σ'αϝϝᾱν
 Rhodes Arabic
  ⤷ Neutral
From Arabic صَوَّان (ṣawwān), from the giant quarries of أُمّ الْصَوَّان‎ (ʾumm al-ṣawwān) near أَسْوَان‎ (ʾaswān), from Coptic ⲥⲟⲩⲁⲛ (souan), from Egyptian swnw
This form is both collective and singular
Paucal: σ'αϝϝενᾱθ
Derived from:
σ'αϝϝᾱνgranite (rock)N
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