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noun [GI] Gender Inflected muɹuŋ mooroong
(companion animal)
Etymology of Creation: looking in my sino-tibetan-proto-mayan dictionary, I found a linkage between Old Chinese, *mrəŋ / *mərəŋ: people and Mayan *muun: slavery. This indicated to me that it might reach back to a Mighty concept of possessing (a living thing).

Trying to join *mərəŋ and *muun, I just changed r to one of the related sounds in Mighty ɹ and favored the back vowel over the mid vowel since the Mighty are supposed to live slightly closer to the South American continent than the Asian continent.
Neuter gender ˧muɹuŋ: possess or own a living thing. Property (living).

Masculine gender ˦muɹuŋ: living thing kept for food or pleasure, from it personally. Food animal. Think cattle.

Feminine gender ˨muɹuŋ: living thing kept for producing more than itself. Think brood mare. But equally hunting dog or truffle finding pig. Can also stand for an animal used for something it excretes, or emits, think of keeping a sheep for the purpose of sheering its wool.

Super Masculine gender ˥muɹuŋ: living thing kept for help in achieving a goal. Work animal. Think horse or hunting dog.

Super Feminine gender ˩muɹuŋ: (magical) Familiar.

Child gender ˩˥muɹuŋ: animal kept for amusement. Not necessarily pet, though that is an interpretation. Living plaything or toy, food that you play with before you eat.

Affectionate gender ˧˥muɹuŋ: Submissive. Affectionate reference to someone as “Pet”

Other gender ˧˩muɹuŋ: slave, (indentured) servant, a sentient thing that is subservient without choice in the matter. Can equally represent someone blackmailed into service. Will not translate to worker though. This definitely holds the connotation that the individual is owned, not employed. Quitting is not an option.
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 property (belongings)nounmuɹuŋ
 submissive (obedient)adjectivemuɹuŋ
 familiar (a demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch)nounmuɹuŋ
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