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noun jar
(period of time)
 ⤷ Not dialect specific
  ⤷ Neutral
Ultimately from Proto-West Germanic *jār ("year"), from Proto-Germanic *jērą ("year"), from Proto-Indo-European *yóh₁r̥ ("year"). Compare German Jahr ("year"), Dutch jaar ("year"), English year.
Singular: jar
Accusative: jarn
Dative: jarm
Genitive: jars

Plural: joern
Accusative: joernen
Dative: joernem
Genitive: joerns

Diminutive singular: jarl
Accusative: jarln
Dative: jarlm
Genitive: jarls

Diminutive plural: joerln
Accusative: joerlnen
Dative: joerlnem
Genitive: joerlns
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Synonyms (0)
No known synonyms.
Homonyms (4)? Based on identical spelling. Showing max of 5.
 year (365 days)nounjar
 year (age)nounjar
 year (366 days)nounjar
 year (one orbital period)nounjar
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