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 Rumyrian Word summary
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verb [1] 1st conjugation (-a -> -atu) rădika ardika (dialectal, westernmost dialects in Slovakia), (а)рэдіка (in Ukraine)
 ⤷ Not dialect specific
Source Language: Proto-Romanian, inherited from Latin
Probably from Latin ērādīcāre, present active infinitive of ērādīcō (“root out, eradicate”)

Compare Daco-Romanian ridica, rădica, aridica, Megleno-Romanian rădic, ardic
Transitive: "to lift", "to raise", "to elevate", "to hoist", "to develop (something)", "to increase (something)"
Reflexive: "to rise", "to stand up", "to develop", "to increase", "to ascend"
1ps. prs. sg. ind.: radiku
3ps. prs. sg. ind.: radikă
Past participle: rădikatu
Gerund: rădikyndu
Verbal noun: rădikary
Derived from:
rădikalift V
Derivatives of this word (1):
rădikaryraising (cf. lowering)N
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Synonyms (1)? Based on the same wordlink. Showing max of 5.
 raise (lift)verbnălca
Homonyms (8)? Based on identical spelling. Showing max of 5.
 hoist (raise w. ropes/pulleys)verbrădika
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