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noun [irr-N] Irregular noun man
(human being)
 Town Speech(aka. Urban Basanawa)
Singular: Native Germanic word, from Old Saxon man, from Proto-Germanic *mann-

Plural: Native Germanic word, from Old Saxon liud, liudi, from Proto-Germanic *liudiz
This word is gender-neutral in Urban Basanawa, despite its cognates in other Germanic languages are used to indicate males.
Derivatives of this word (17):
素人novice (beginner)N
未知んど人stranger N
one (impersonal, see ...)N
男人man (adult male)N
藁人straw man (man of straw)N
藁人scarecrow N
雪人snowman N
若んぐ人youth (young person)N
素人amateur (unskilled)N
女人woman (human female)N
罪人criminal N
人孔manhole (entry to sewer)N
人妻married woman ([N])N
代書人scribe (writer)N
旅人traveller (one who travels)N
罪人sinner N
恋人lover (generic)N
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Synonyms (0)
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 one (impersonal, see notes)noun
Conlang translations
Natural translations
Finnish (Suomi)henkilö
Bezhta (bežƛʼalas mic)suk’o , ädäm , insan
Khmer (ខ្មែរ)នាក់ neək
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