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 Neholek Word summary
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noun ​ditos 
(state of not existing)
from Proto-Neholek doto
from Latin dubito
c. nonexistence
n. impossibility
v.t. forbid
adj. impossible, forbidden
sfx. negation tag
ak. antifactual
Derivatives of this word (11):
​ditipsosóssilence N
docáhidifference (mathematics)N
​ditonátosstarvation (going without fo...)N
pli​ditosenemy (who used to be a...)N
​diskedown (direction)N
​d​ocáhidifference (mathematics)N
​pántosignorance (lack of knowledg...)N
​diptfree person (cf. slave)N
​ditoleksecret N
​pá​d​obai don't care (doesn't interest...)I
​ditolimkitlevitate (float)N
* Pronunciation of this word was estimated based on phonology/orthography
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Inflection of '​ditos' (2 tables)
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Synonyms (0)
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Homonyms (2)? Based on identical spelling. Showing max of 5.
 negation (grammar term)noun​ditos
 impossibility (no can do)noun​ditos
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