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 Standard Retenian Word summary
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noun tetsu てツ
 Standard Retenian
 ⤷ Not dialect specific
  ⤷ Neutral
From Proto Indo-European *tetḱ-
Derivatives of this word (12):
arkiteyttetsuarchitecture N
kusutetsusmithing (metalworking)N
kambutetsumartial art (art of fighting)N
kotsuratetsugastronomy (art of making go...)N
boytetsupyrotechnics (managing flame t...)N
tetsujoymaartwork (picture/sculptur...)N
tetsuraruartist N
tshātétsusorcery N
tamasondetsuhypnotism (The art of induc...)N
tetsunosantechnology N
kotseyjotetsuheraldry (creating coats o...)N
kandetsusinging N
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Inflection of 'tetsu' (1 table)
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 art (creative)nountetsu
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Chechen (Нохчийн мотт)исбаьхьалла
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