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noun do
(a doing)
 ⤷ Not dialect specific
  ⤷ Neutral
something one does
Derivatives of this word (39):
endonoscientific (relating to scie...)ADJ
ademdoexercise (mental)N
vomidopronunciation N
pokedounazoology N
pundogrammar N
konidogeography (physical landfor...)N
doteglist N
šoyadometeorology (study of weather)N
kadodounamathematics N
kardadoexercise (physical)N
šekidophysics (laws of nature)N
adevdobiology (natural)N
kaeridounachemistry (academics)N
dovartmaemodal verb (helper verbs)N
dovartušiauxiliary (grammar)N
ponondowisdom N
dovartverb N
adegdolinguistics N
šekidokiphysicist N
ušnadoeducation (learning)N
kaemdoreligion N
endokiscientist N
pokedozoology N
kaeridochemistry (change of matter)N
rakadobusiness (negotiations)N
kadodonumber (digit)N
dišdocartography (maps)N
varkaedomorphology N
šoyadounameteorology (study of weather)N
adevdounabiology (study of)N
šekidounaphysics (academics)N
kadordoaccounting N
endoscience (way of acquiring...)N
hođaidonationalism (patriotism)N
kardadounaexercise physiology (study)N
umuridounaspeleology (study of caves)N
konidounageography (academics)N
tapradorecipe (food instruction...)N
otondophonology (study of the sou...)N
* Pronunciation of this word was estimated based on phonology/orthography
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