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 Rireinutire Word summary
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adjective kiñopu
(for all)
Derived from:
kiñamight (strength)N
Derivatives of this word (9):
kiñotetapublish V
kiñoputiin public (among the compan...)N
kiñoputamake public (make sth. public...)V
kiñoputalaunch (start a project ...)V
kiñoputipublicly (in public)ADV
kiñoputapost (forum)V
kiñoputarelease (movie, game, etc...)V
kiñoputapublicise V
kiñoputamake available (put up, share)V
* Pronunciation of this word was estimated based on phonology/orthography
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Inflection of 'kiñopu' (1 table)
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