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 Toap Shan Word summary
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phrase mkxʷklołʼiłaiɂ
Your Mother
(maternal insult ["Yo Momma's so fat..."])
 Toap Shan
For formal purposes only. If you actually want to talk about 2.SG.GEN mother instead of honouring the rich and successful with your blessed heart's formal greeting skills, use "xmiɂmąhąn" (xmi-iɂ-mą-hąnik = 2.POSS.3G1-mother-2.OBL-give.INF.GER)
Derived from:
łʼiwikbe big (size)V
mother (parent, biologic...)N
ławanimal (general)N
łłʼiławabsolute unit (a very, very big...)N
ło-intensifier (e.g. very)AFF
mkxʷiground (circular or sphe...)ADJ
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