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 Old Shikathi Word summary
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verb *khela
(show the way)
 Old Shikathi
With the various meaning of 'khela'. The meaning depends on word placement and, if used as a verb, the cases used.

ACC = touch/finger/feel

for aiming:
what is being aimed = DAT case
what is being aimed towards = LOC case
Sample of this word
f'khruum gh'khraal khela. = I point/aim/guide/orient you in a certain direction
NOM.AN-1S DAT.AN-2S finger

f'khruum sh'khraal khela = I touch/finger you.
NOM.AN-1S ACC.AN-2S finger

f'khruum t'khraal khela = I point at you (I point something towards you) / I indicate/show you
NOM.AN-1S LOC.AN-2S finger
* Pronunciation of this word was estimated based on phonology/orthography
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No known synonyms.
Homonyms (19)? Based on identical spelling. Showing max of 5.
 show (present)verbkhela
 point (gesture)verbkhela
 finger (anatomy; those five long sticks that you have per hand)nounkhela
 finger (touch with the fingers)verbkhela
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