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 New Old Polish Word summary
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verb povodzić
(to location)
 New Old Polish
po- + vodzić

As in Old and modern Polish powodzić. Also replaces modern Polish prowadzić, kierować, partially also pozywać
This is an abstract verb
Concrete equivalent: poviéść
Imperfective: vodzić
Frequentative: povádzać
1ps. sg. prs.: povodzę
2ps. sg. prs.: povodzísz
3ps. sg. prs.: povodzí
Derived from:
vodzićlead (to location)V
po-perfective aspect indicator AFF
↺ 11 May 2022, 10:59

Synonyms (3)? Based on the same wordlink. Showing max of 5.
 lead (to location)verbvodzić
 lead (to location)verbpoviéść
 lead (to location)verbviéść
Homonyms (4)? Based on identical spelling. Showing max of 5.
 conduct (others, an orchestra)verbpovodzić
 drive (operate vehicle)verbpovodzić
 sue (lawsuit)verbpovodzić
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