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 Anšyamī Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Aira Given name Female lace-colored
Airen Given name Male lace-love
Airya Given name Female lace girl
Anya Given name Female blessed
Anyatšen Surname N/A blessed folk
Anšan Given name Male white-heart
Balterina Given name Female Balto has helped
Bokkivē Surname N/A walnut tree
Bōnbarron Surname N/A protector in battle
Dam Given name Male masculine
Daneirina Given name Female Dante has helped
Danpašen Surname N/A servant of Dante
Dantšyana Given name Female Dante has been good
Danšatšen Surname N/A person from Dansia
Delamina Given name Female spearmint
Eital Given name Male cloud
Eitara Given name Female cloud
Ema Given name Female new, small (not to be confused with Emma)
Emeska Other Female dragon-spawn, greedy wench (insult)
Emeskan Other Male dragon-spawn, greedy bastard (insult)
Emil Given name Male word
Emilea Given name Female small flower (not pronounced like Emily)
Emma Other Female name only used in crude plays, as it means menstrual period
Envetšen Surname N/A person from Envesse
Epašen Surname N/A servant of Etras
Erina Given name Female Eru has helped
Eterina Given name Female Etras has helped
Findel Given name Male dandelion
Findela Given name Female dandelion
Freihašen Surname N/A servant of Frain
Freira Given name Female Frain has helped
Gemina Given name Female wintergreen
Gidyan Given name Male he has heard
Gidyana Given name Female she has heard
Grileira Given name Female Gryl has helped
Hadrian Given name Male child of Hadria
Hantšen Surname N/A rival, enemy
Heimina Given name Female watermint
Heipašen Surname N/A servant of Hadria
Ilerin Given name Male Iletsa has helped
Ilza Given name Female owl (also rebel, arrogant person)
Ilzan Given name Male owl (also rebel, arrogant person)
Iren Given name Male loved by Ira
Irin Given name Male Ira has helped
Ivaneira Given name Female Ivan has helped
Ivāšen Surname N/A servant of Ivan
Ivēda Given name Female old forest
Kadan Surname N/A the better
Kaguya Given name Female artichoke (strong-fruit, so it's not THAT bad of a name)
Kagyan Given name Male artichoke (strong-fruit, so it's not THAT bad of a name)
Kamen Given name Male strong leader
Kaneran Given name Male Kanenne has helped
Kanetta Given name Female passionate
Kanya Given name Female emotional
Kašun Surname N/A the luckier
Kierin Given name Male Kirelle has helped
Kigya Given name Female cricket
Kimi Given name Female classic beauty
Kimiya Given name Female classically beautiful
Kiya Given name Female beautiful
Kondan Surname N/A the greatest
Konšun Surname N/A the luckiest
Lea Given name Female flower
Lean Given name Male flower
Ledeiha Given name Female flowering
Loran Surname N/A (modern) from the duchy of Leora
Lumieran Given name Male Luminaria has helped
Luminotšen Surname N/A person from Luminora
Lumināšen Surname N/A servant of Luminaria
Lunerina Given name Female Lunas has helped
Lēn Given name Male bravery
Mei Given name Female wisdom
Mela Given name Female chamomile
Melan Given name Male chamomile
Mimi Other Female name used in plays, means chatterbox
Mina Given name Female peppermint
Monna Given name Female sand
Myerin Given name Male Muza has helped
Myēran Given name Male child of Miē
Naihan Given name Male without rival
Naihana Given name Female without rival
Nao Other Male "Mr. Meow" (cat name)
Naomi Other Female "Miss Meow" (cat name)
Nenya Given name Female wish
Nenyil Given name Male wish
Nenēira Given name Female white, shining hope
Neveretšen Surname N/A person from Neveren
Notšen Surname N/A person from Nor
Nyal Given name Male mountain
Nyara Given name Female mountain
Opašen Surname N/A servant of Auran
Oraneira Given name Female Auran has helped
Orya Given name Female kingdom
Oryan Given name Male kingdom
Oryanen Given name Male Orja has helped
Pan Given name Male bread (an example of a name that's chosen for its sound, not its meaning)
Pavla Given name Female slow
Pavlan Given name Male slow
Peron Given name Male circle of dancers (also wheel)
Pinerin Given name Male Tempine has helped
Pul-Pul Other Unisex (baking related) batter (name for pets)
Ramen Given name Male one who moves forward
Ramena Given name Female one who moves forward
Ramina Given name Female one who moves forward
Ran Given name Male summer (unrelated to the word for rice)
Rangya Other Female rice-for-brains, empty-headed (insult)
Rangyan Other Male rice-for-brains, empty-headed (insult)
Ren Given name Male dance
Reya Given name Female loving
Rraul Given name Male wolf
Ruppa Given name Female onion
Saya Given name Female feeling like home
Semina Given name Female honorable
Set Other Male doughy (name for pets)
Setti Other Female doughy (name for pets)
Sil Given name Male shadow
Silan Given name Male shadow
Solerin Given name Male Leisol has helped
Sonya Given name Female femininity
Sošla Given name Female sunrise
Sun Given name Male seed
Sāgerina Given name Female Sāgen has helped
Tagan Given name Male whim
Tagya Given name Female capricious
Talyan Surname N/A the other
Tempašen Surname N/A servant of Tempine
Ten Given name Male night
Tenerin Given name Male Eterne has helped
Tumnerin Given name Male Tumna has helped
Tumnāšen Surname N/A servant of Tumna
Tuna Given name Female wishing star
Tšultšen Surname N/A person from Jeulle
Vai Given name Male art
Vakkin Surname N/A old wealth
Val Given name Male piece (chosen because the child is a new piece added to the family)
Van Given name Male winter
Varina Given name Female child of Varen
Vedyatšen Surname N/A person from Vedya
Veltšen Surname N/A person from Velle, a region of Vedya
Vera Given name Female lavender
Veren Given name Male lavender
Vunyaram Surname N/A old soldier
Vēvesatšen Surname N/A person from the river by the trees
Wao Other Male Mr. Woof (dog name)
Waotši Other Female Miss Woof (dog name)
Yatšen Nickname Male orphan (derogative)
Yatšenna Nickname Female orphan (derogative)
Yaza Given name Female goat
Yašlan Given name Male brave goat
Yuna Given name Female memory
Yunan Given name Male memory
Yunni Other Unisex fool, muppet (insult)
Yunērin Given name Male Yunē has helped
Yōtšen Surname N/A person from Yōria
Zein Given name Male honored one
Zeira Given name Female shining honor
Zeiran Given name Male shining honor
Zeisi Surname N/A honored friend
Zeiya Given name Female honorable
Zemina Given name Female honorable
Zyara Given name Female feminine
Ōla Given name Female hill
Ōlan Given name Male hill
Šan Given name Male heart, spirit
Šun Given name Male luck
Šunya Given name Female lucky
Šunya Given name Female lucky
Šunyatšen Surname N/A lucky
Īza Given name Female star anise
Īzan Given name Male star anise
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