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Typological database
This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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ALONE The Last LanguageToneComplex system (3+ or contour tones)birbs
ALONE The Last LanguageAnimacy distinctionsAnimate/Inanimatebirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageVowel inventory sizeAveragebirbs
ALONE The Last LanguagePresence of /b/, /d/, and /g//d/, and /g/birbs
ALONE The Last LanguageUnmarked evidentialDirect/witness/firsthandbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageMorphosyntactic alignmentHierarchical alignmentbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageReduplication formMultiple formsbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageReduplication functionMultiple functionsbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageEvidentiality distinctionsMixedbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageConsonant-vowel ratioModerately lowbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageConsonant inventory sizeModerately smallbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageContour clicksNo clicksbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguagePrimary word orderNo set orderbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageDefinite articleNonebirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageFixed stress locationNonebirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageGendersNonebirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageIndefinite articleNonebirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageRetroflex consonantsNonebirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageUvular consonantsNonebirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageDual pluractional formsGrouped with pluralbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguagePluractionalityYesbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageMorphological typologyPolysyntheticbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageCoding of evidentialityParticle/modalbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageVerb agreementAll three (subject + objects)birbs
ALONE The Last LanguagePresence of /p/, /t/, and /k//t/, and /k/birbs
ALONE The Last LanguageClick phonationsNo clicksbirbs
ALONE The Last LanguageClick releasesNo clicksbirbs
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