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Short Midhin Overview
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A short overview of the Midhin languages
This public article was written by Tuckiozi on 5 Mar 2017, 20:44.

[comments] The Midhin languages are a family of languages all descended from a hypothetical  Proto-Midhin language, spoken by various Midhin peoples.
The Midhin languages are presumed to have originated in eastern South Baredina, which is where most of the Midhin peoples live today.
There are three attested major branches of Midhin attested:
Eastern Midhin, River Midhin and Widham.
The two most spoken Midhin languages,  Misama and  Misuman both belong to the River Midhin branch, but there are a few Eastern Midhin speaking minorities, the most spoken of the Eastern Midhin languages being  Nikunish.
There are no known speakers of any language from the Widham branch, and thusly it is presumed extinct.
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