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The origins of names in Arrym and other Yusak-speaking cultures
This public article was written by nai888, and last updated on 16 Jul 2016, 00:29.

1. Names
2. Script
Menu 1. Given Names 2. Matronymic/Patronymic 3. Clan Name Arrymian people legally have three names.

[top]Given Names

The first name is the given name. Given names are generally Yusak words that signify objects in nature or represent aspirational personal traits. Rarely are other given names used, and only more recently, borrowing names from other countries. The names of animals are never used, however, as these were traditionally thought to be too holy for given names. Most given names are unisex, though there are some that are traditionally male or female names.

Examples: Pižir (Sky, male), Tros (Brook, female), Toh (Tree, unisex)


The second name is a parent-nymic, where the offspring suffix -pil is affixed to the parent’s given name. Traditionally, daughters are given a matronymic while sons are given a patronymic, though this is not mandatory.

Examples: Nyverpil (child of Ocean), Eldilpil (child of Moon), Dreopil (child of Leaf)

[top]Clan Name

The third name is the clan name, passed down from parent to child. Clan names are almost exclusively named after specific animals, as it was believed that each clan could channel the powers of that animal. The names are always declined to the genitive (so the clan name Gooþmy translates to “of the wolf”); this construction is considered the full name, so in the rare situations when the name needs to be declined to another case, the suffix is added after the genitive suffix. Clans were historically exogamous, but neither parent usually changed their clan name (unless outcast from their previous clan, or fully and officially changing allegiance). Children were generally given either the name of the clan where they grew up, or the mother’s clan. Now families are often free to choose which clan name to give their children.

Examples: Inakmy (of the Fox), Sarahmy (of the Moose), Krehmy (of the Deer)
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