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All the Pretty Colors
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How to name all the colors
This public article was written by [Deactivated User] on 5 Dec 2014, 06:09.

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When I began working on Argi, I had several plans for my lexicon. Among other things, names for elements that actually matched the current scientific abbreviations, a table of correlatives (similar to Esperanto) and a few other "schemed" words. However, how to do colors eluded me for ages. I was seeing myself doing the decidedly non-male task of working out how to represent colors like "puce" and "teal." Then there's the horror of dealing with CSS/HTML colors. There's 130 of those alone.

Finally, I got staring at a color-wheel and realized that I can express nearly every nameable color with just 14 syllables. Consider a compass. We all learn the cardinal directions as children. Then we learn the mid-points like northeast or southwest. Every year, in every school across the globe is some cheeky kid asking "what about eastnorth?" Well, sure, why not? Well, because we don't do that, that's why. But it seems like a waste of a word compounding. So let's adapt and see if we can give a meaning to eastnorth (and similar compounds). We can say that eastnorth means the same as northeast, but that's not much of a system as it puts us back to the start. So let's say that eastnorth is east, but somewhat north of east. But then, to be consistent, northeast needs to be a bit east of north. Now we just need to define what "a bit" means. Numerically speaking, north is 0 degrees on the compass, and east is 90 degrees.
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