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Zeomian writing systems
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Zhõkai or Otono script
note that the translations in the image are not zeomian, it is just the same script used in Ovakan, a conlang that i am yet to make.
the writing system is not meant to fit the phonology either, because sometimes when civilizations learn to write off other others with different languages, and the system doesn't match the language.
the script is a simple syllabary but is far from simple when transcribing zeomian.
for instance the word 'zheoken' translated into the script and then romanized is 'sijiokini', however is still pronounced the way that it is written in the original romanization. To aid speakers of this language, parts of the writing are underlined to show that you pronounce them in a different way to the writing, however this is only used in holy texts, like how arabic and hebrew mark vowels as diacritics for a similar reason, to distinguish from similar sounding words.
image here
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