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Some History of Voslith
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This public article was written by Vossie on 3 Jun 2020, 21:10.

[comments] Voslith was first established in the A.D. 100s, but was mainly home to settlers from various European nations even though it had been an unnamed territory full of indigenous peoples for millennia. Around, 650 A.D.; a bunch of colonizers from modern day Germany attempted to take over the nation but actually failed. In 758 A.D., Voslith established a monarchy with a masculine center of power. However, between 826 and 829; a war was fought between men and women on Voslith and the women won the war, making Voslith a country based on feminine power.

In the 900s, the Kingdom of Vosliana (although it was called a "Queendom" between 1005 and 1361), was established. The language also began to take its modern form between the 1200s and 1400s; mainly when Spanish words entered the language due to Voslith having a lot of Spanish people in its country. On May 18, 1518; Voslith won its war for independence from the Europeans, and in 1520; the peasants won a war that overthrew their monarchy.

Voslia had many sound changes between around 1600 and the 1920s/1930s. Namely, the addition of their click consonant. It is totally unknown how it happened, but between 1910 and 1930; Voslith had adapted this alien sound no one had ever heard of. The sound for "ng" is a dental click (ǀ) and the language still uses it. Another pretty significant sound change was the reduction of their "J" sound to just /ʒ/ instead of /dʒ/. Some old fricatives were also dropped but at unknown times.

Other than those sound changes, Voslia has been a very stable language for centuries and may remain that way for a long time to come.

- Vossie, 2020
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