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Nevaluhrv (the night of the wolves)
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folk lullaby generally sung by mothers
This public article was written by Kzeriar, and last updated on 14 Oct 2018, 01:37.

[comments] English version
oh my children don't fear the night
the wolves howling to the moon
rest here at home i won't let the ones
bring blades into our humble haven

Those tears that you shed will replenish your strength
bathe you and wash your sorrow away
Lay your head on my lap close your eyes
night will be gone when them and dawn open again

Valendhirdven version
öch Mëhrdhúch dincahru nevals
uhrv Druvgör brüntemn ír
Ëhrtúhn ühd emndun, Mutráil rhad ÿhrm
Ëf´rár athkens thalörtemn

ov lüin rhad vŕatá rhevos Eŕofŕár
os Othamÿ ig ährimos Kelinóv
us Ëhrkinú Vefeníht od bads
Etná neval Arch´rofenól ë i alwyn

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