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I'm putting them here instead of the dictionary so they're all in one place
This public article was written by Yrieix Groulx, and last updated on 28 Jul 2017, 23:34. Editing of this article is shared with Argeyaz Bay.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Here's a bunch of adpositions
add more as needed

wawmade of
pälfrom (motion)
kihto (motion)
esin/into/inside of
orout/out of/outside of
mexwith (accompaniment)
sitwith (instrumental)
heon/on top of/onto
yaoff/off of
dyoqon the other side of/beyond/across
uxwearound (as in like surrounding)
hulmnear/close to
yorfar from/away from
ekin front of
ituhuntil/up to (time, maybe space?)
olgsince/from X on
oyvby (agent)

"at" expressed by locative case
"of" (origin, relation, posession) expressed by genitive case
other cases?

ek and am could be switched depending on how time is perceived (ie. if the "viewer" is considered to be in the present, looking back, than events happening before would be behind or further back and those happening after would be in front or closer)

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on 28/07/17 23:34+437Yrieix Groulxadded ek, am, yor
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