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Cintempri National Anthem
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"Wikhrozte Raimst" (Men of Raimst)
This public article was written by Azazel, and last updated on 25 Sep 2019, 02:15.

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Wikhrozte Raimst, or as it's known in English, Men of Raimst, was written in 1786 by Tyon te ol-Viļ after the siege of Raimst (1775-1786). The siege saw nearly every able man come out from their homes, pickup a weapon, and defend their city to their last breath. This single battle would be the most brutal, viscous, and horrible battle in Cintemi history. While it didn't have the most casualties, it still saw Raimst, at the time Cintemi's second largest city with 19.5 million inhabitants, lose 5% of its male population, saw thousands of homes destroyed, and was the longest battle the Cintemi ever faced. The siege lasted an insufferable 11 years, with citizens sometimes resorting to cannibalism just to survive. Luckily, under General Vrenȥoin te Raimst-Lukt, the city was able to be fed from its small port on the Inkos Sea, ships in the hundreds would sail in at night, unload with amazing speed, and leave before the sun even showed its face. In 1783, the siege had been going on for 8 years, the Loyalist forces were breaking in on the east wall, and the garrison was barely holding. Riders were sent into Raimst, attempting to recruit citizens, what they didn't expect was 7 thousand new recruits to pick up a rifle and defend their city. The Raimstese were fed up with the siege and wanted an end to it, more than half the male population was willing to join, but couldn't because of various reasons. These numbers would swell over the years and would greatly aid the victory in the Siege of Raimst in 1786. This event inspired Tyon te ol-Viļ to write Men of Raimst.

Wikhrozte Raimst 'Men of Raimst'
By: Tyon te ol-Viļ
Cintem Lyrics

Wikhrozte Raimst, mik őnim tu?
ol-dişr mącite ginlum
Ix Ictom őnim tu ol-Víng riyuȥu?
Tis ik ol-veļ, ol-èro stamak

Wikhrozte Raimst 'Men of Raimst'
By: Tyon te ol-Viļ
English Lyrics

Men of Raimst, can thee hear?
That distant sound of gunfire
Don't you hear the bombs bursting?
Out in that field, this starry night
Comments (1)
[link] [quote] 12-Sep-19 03:22
For the langers that just can't dedicate to a single language

I should probably mention this is based off of Men of Harlech, specifically the one in the link. But this isn't just a copy and paste of Men of Harlech's lyrics, I want every word in Wikhrozte Raimst to be culturally significant. I only chose Men of Harlech as a base because 1) I can't play an instrument, 2) I can't read or write music, 3) I'm Welsh, 4) I REALLY like Men of Harlech's music and lyrics. Now that that's out of the way, if people want to get mad at me, here's what I'll answer you with.
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