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This public article was written by lbrowning, and last updated on 8 Apr 2021, 18:09.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Front vowels can be accented or unaccented (a, á, e, é, i, í)
All vowels can be in neutral or high tone (â, ê, î, ô, û)
Consonants can be strong, neutral, or weak (ъ, ь)
Clicks are non-accented consonants, transliterated as k°, t°, or p°

Bь is voiceless /p/
Bъ is voiced /b̪/
Dь is voiceless /t/
Dъ is voiced /d̪/
Д is voiced /ð/
Дь is voiceless /θ/
Дъ is not used
Gь is voiceless /k/
Gъ is not used
Lь is dark l
Mь is voiceless
Nъ is voiced /n̪/
R is not trilled
Rъ is trilled
S is voiced /ʒ/
Sь is voiceless /ʃ/
Sъ is voiced /d͡ʒ/
Vь is voiceless /f/
Zь is voiceless /s/
Zъ is not used

I/you/he = casual or formal, genderless
we/you/they = plural, neutral, all-inclusive (or) plural, neutral, specific inclusive (or) plural, neutral, exclusive [us but not them, you-all but not me, them but not us]
it/that/this = formal, genderless, non-animate
they/these/those = formal, genderless, non-animate, plural
"They" is all-inclusive OR specific inclusive OR exclusive [they but not those; they but not these]

agent (cause)/ affective (subject)/ causal (because of)

Generally end in /s/

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