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Doremiso [AOE]
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Typology Progressing 205 words
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Registered by foxheart on 31 December 2017
Language type Artistic Language (Artlang)
Species Human/humanoid
About Doremiso This language is a melodic language that is based off of scales and modes and could even be played on instruments as a musical piece. It is supposed to be a better version of Solresol with a capability to be more melodious.
Sample of Doremiso[view] paka Patakasa tapa.

I speak English
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Latest vocabulary
xpihsagvturn on
Language family relationships
Language treeSolresol
 ⤷  Doremiso
[view] About SolresolThis family of languages are based on musical notes and can be played on musical instruments.
Nasal m n    
Plosive p t k g1  
Fricative   s x2 h3
Lateral approximant   l    
  1. marks verb end
  2. marks accented syllable
  3. marks long vowel
Close i u
Open a  
Polyphthongs ai au
Below is the orthography for Doremiso. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
Xx/x/2Hh/h/3Uu/u/Aa/a/Ii/i/AI ai/ai/AU au/au/
✔ Shown in correct order
  1. marks verb end
  2. marks accented syllable
  3. marks long vowel
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Type of language
The purpose of the language
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Typological information for Doremiso

Base counting systemSenary (6)
Marked tense (verb)Past, Present, Future
Primary writing systemBasic Latin
Script typeAbugida

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