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Azazisa [AZZAZ]
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Registered by ṰᶚӈէЯϷϓϙЧКṉởᾦ on 19 June 2021
Language type A posteriori
Place & SpeakersAzazisa is spoken by a population of 440,350 in Azazisia.
Species Human/humanoid
About Azazisa Azazisa (mostly referred to as Azaz) is a isolate language inspired by the original Kartvelian language, Georgian.
Sample of Azazisa[view] ი სღებ აჟაზაა.

I speak English
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Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeOvosi
 ⤷  Azazisa
[view] About OvosiOvosi is a fan-made language family made by TRD716. Most of its languages come from the continent, Aicune.
[view] აზშაილ (Ezseilki)Ezseilki is a Aicune dialect, spoken towards the southeastern and northeastern parts of Azazisia.
[view] ნორღევ აჟაზაა (Northern Azazisa)Spoken in northern parts of Azazisia, this Northern dialect has is a bit of a similar tense to the Azazisa language.
[view] ქაყჩჯიზ აჟაზაა (Southern Azazisa)Spoken in southern parts of the country, Azazisia, this Southern dialect has more of a different speaking tone towards the original language.
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19-Jun-21 19:06
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