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Banatian [BSG]
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[ʋənaçən, ʋnaçn̩]
Registered by Orikrin on 28 October 2018
Language type A posteriori
Species Human/humanoid
About Banatian
BANATIAN (is a romlang)

- in the declensions, the schwa (even a simple -ə) will be dropped in informal speech from all compatible paradigms except for syllabic support;
- evolution of Latin declensions: 1 + 2 → 1 (masculines); 3 → 2 (feminines); 4 + 5 → 3 (either);
- third declension applies on syncopated masculines and feminines and loans;
- remarkably, arhizotonic emphatic forms of the nouns emerged, forming some sort of prepositional case marked along with the other declensions;
- remarkable disregard of endings in classifying words (-ere endings are not typical of any specific conjugation etc.);
- conjugations 1, 2, 3 are increasingly palatophile (played a role in assimilation);
- nominative, accusative and dative-genitive;
- adjectival first declension applies to regulars;
- adjectival second declension (inherited from Romanian) applies to irregulars and loans;
- evolution of Latin conjugations: 1 → 1; 2 + 3 → 2; 4 → 3; ∅ → 4 (from Romanian);
- the conditional is formed on a merging of future and imperfect endings;
- the third conjugation shows use of the archaic Latin future endings and retains the /-wi-/ endings for the past tense in the form of /-wej-/;
- dative in pronouns disappeared; indirect objets are preposed to the verb and direct objects postposed to it, both marked as accusative; Banatian has generalized the indirect transitivity (a.k.a. "dative") for any verb of transfer or movement;
- verbal compound word order is: (negator) - verbal pronoun - auxiliary - (indirect object) - participle - (direct object);
- very productive compound verbal forms;
- deriving nouns from pronominal verbs works as follows: ”se layzâre” → ”slayzâ”;
- n|dl → ll (dinlə → dillə);
- ə+V# → 'V# (+ emphatic form if it's a noun: ə autə → 'aut).

Note: /ɰ̊,ɰ/ comes from an intermediate /ʂ,ʐ/ stage.
Sample of Banatian[view] Sey dêžebhouəns cuištəm turtettə. Modeu!

Put that cookie down! Now!
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Latest vocabulary
Nasal m   n   ɲ      
Plosive p b   t d   c ɟ   k g  
Fricative     s z ʃ ʒ        
Affricate       t͡ʃ        
Lateral approximant     l         ɫ
Approximant   ʋ     j w ɰ ɰ̥  
Trill     r          
Close i i: [ɨ]1 u u:
Close-mid e e:   o o:
Mid   ə  
Open a   ɒ:
Polyphthongs əj
  1. Word-finally (reflecting ey#/i and ow#/u), allophone of /əj/
Below is the orthography for Banatian. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
Aa/a/Ââ/ɒ:/Bb/b/, [ʋ]1Cc/k/CY cy/c/Čč/t͡ʃ/Dd/d/Ee/e/Êê/e:/
Əə/ə/Ə̦ ə̦/əj/, [ɨ]2Gg/g/, [j]3GY gy/ɟ/Ii/i/Îî/i:/Ll/l/Ļļ/ɫ/Mm/m/
Tt/t/Uu/u/, /w/Ûû/u:/Vv/ʋ/Zz/z/Žž/ʒ/Yy/j/Hh/ɰ/H̦ h̦/ɰ̥/
✔ Shown in correct order
  1. Word-initially
  2. Word-finally (reflecting ey#/i and ow#/u)
  3. Word-initially
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