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Higashikan [HGK]
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東區言 (동커원)
Registered by roxiewoxiie on 18 March 2018
Language type A posteriori
Species Human/humanoid
About Higashikan Currently in the process of importing the whole 500+ word dictionary from Google Sheets
Sample of Higashikan[view] 私대꜄샤도해지헉인꜄死姦섯것入宣喊。 / 子닌꜄私것死死妻릴尿倒야꜄。正,子닌꜄刺蝟엇小肉用일抽야꜄,私것死死妻릴尿倒야꜄,且子것肉用인꜄「大스꜄드」曰아꜄,私「드닌꜄惡!」曰아꜄。焉私닌꜄쐐Twitter단꜄com送件辱。샤도해지헉아,若인꜄小肉用일有,드닌꜄드벌노쳬것尺일乃떤꜄小갱,且計걸?[view all texts]
Latest vocabulary
갭헤덩물phrbite off more than one can chew
Language family relationships
Language treeChinese
 ⤷ Old Chinese
  ⤷ Middle Higashikan
   ⤷  Higashikan
[view] About ChineseThe Sinitic languages,[2] often synonymous with the Chinese languages, are a language family frequently postulated as one of two primary branches of Sino-Tibetan.[3][4] The Bai languages may be Sinitic (classification is difficult);[5] otherwise Sini...
Nasal m n [ɳ]1       ŋ  
Plosive b bʱ d dʱ         g  
Fricative [ɸ]2 [β]3 [ʂ]4 ɕ [ɕʰ]5 [ç]6 [ʝ]7   [x]8 [ɣ]9 h [ɦ]10
Affricate   t͡sʰ d͡z   [t͡ɕʰ]11 [d͡ʑ]12        
Lateral approximant     [ɭ]13          
Lateral flap   ɺ            
Approximant         j w    
  1. After /ɭ/, allophone of /n/
  2. Before /u/ or /w/, allophone of /h/
  3. After a vowel and before /u/ or /w/, allophone of /h/
  4. After /ɭ/, allophone of /h/
  5. Before /i/ or /j/, allophone of /sʰ/
  6. Before /i/ or /j/, allophone of /h/
  7. After a vowel or /ŋ/ and before /i/ or /j/, allophone of /h/
  8. Before /ɯ/, allophone of /h/
  9. After a vowel and before /ɯ/ or after /ŋ/, allophone of /h/
  10. Between vowels, allophone of /h/
  11. Before /i/ or /j/, allophone of /t͡sʰ/
  12. Before /i/ or /j/, allophone of /d͡z/
  13. In syllable coda, allophone of /ɺ/
Close i y1   ɯ u
Close-mid ø̞2    
Open-mid ɛ   ʌ
Near-open   ɐ  
  1. [ɰi] for older speakers
  2. [we̞] for older speakers
Below is the orthography for Higashikan. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
✔ Shown in correct order
  1. [ɰi] for older speakers
  2. [we̞] for older speakers
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