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Kokewa [KWO]
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Typology On hold 461 words
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 30 April 2019
Language type Artistic Language (Artlang)
Species Human/humanoid
About Kokewa Kokewa is an agglutinative stop language that I am building, and by that I mean that I do everything with affixes and attaching words together, and I use a lot of stops. I attempted to add ejectives in, but i might have a bad definition of what exactly those are, so...
Sample of Kokewa[view] Mek, ti rygmek? Xymeketo gewyt.

To be, or not to be? That is the question.
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Language family relationships
Language treeIsolates
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[view] About IsolatesThis is a family for isolate languages.
[edit] [view] K'ok'ewahagera (Geran Kokewa)This dialect is also known as Peasant's Kokewa or Low Kokewa. It has slightly different pronunciation, the most notable being the removal of the ejectives by means of epenthesis and addition of the glottal stop. It is spoken by farmers and those that live in more rural areas.
Nasal m   n     ŋ
Plosive p pʼ b   t tʼ d     k kʼ g
Fricative   f s     x
Approximant     ɹ j w  
Trill     [r]1      
  1. allophone of /ɹ/
Close i   u
Close-mid     o
Mid   ə  
Open-mid ɛ    
Open a    
Below is the orthography for Kokewa. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 KokewaOrthography [edit]
Aa/a/Bb/b/Dd/d/Ee/ɛ/Ff/f/Gg/g/Hh/ŋ/Ii/i/Jj/j/Kk/k/K' k'/kʼ/Mm/m/
Nn/n/Oo/o/Pp/p/P' p'/pʼ/Rr/ɹ/Ss/s/Tt/t/T' t'/tʼ/Uu/u/Ww/w/Xx/x/Yy/ə/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
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    Typological information for Kokewa

    Morphological typologyAgglutinative
    Noun-adjective orderNoun first
    NasalsNasal stops only
    Primary word orderSVO

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