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Masconde [MSK]
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 12 February 2014
Language type Mixed
Species Human/humanoid
About Masconde I've really fought with myself over what to call this, but I suppose that Maskųti is, indeed, an art-lang. In time, like with Quenya, I hope this can be developed enough to be spoken.

In general, Maskųti is my attempt at creating and formatting a language that phonetically compensates for my Ankyloglossia. Also, in deciding my phones, four rules were critical for me and act as the reason Maskųti seems odd:

1. NO long vowels;
2. NO high vowels;
3. NO aspirated consonants;
4. NO geminated consonants.

Update: As a way of trimming what I will call "idea fat," I have decided on a purging of old allophony and a redo on two phones I liked, but I really like the feel of the new ones more.
Sample of Masconde[view] Kluti tįpsku.

I am groot
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Latest vocabulary
Nasal m     n       [ŋ]1  
Plosive p pˡ pʲ b     t tʷ [d]       k kʷ kˡ [g] [ʔ]
Fricative   f fˡ fʲ v θ θʷ ð s [z]2 ʃ ʃʷ ʃˡ ʒ     [x]3 [ɣ]4 [h]
Affricate         t͡ʃ d͡ʒ        
Lateral approximant       [l]5          
Approximant           [j]6 [w]7    
Blends sk ʃt sm ʃn sp
  1. allophone of /k/
  2. allophone of /s/
  3. allophone of /k/
  4. allophone of /k/
  5. allophone of /ð/
  6. allophone of /ʒ/
  7. allophone of /v/
Close-mid e eˀ ẽ o oˀ õ
Near-open æ æˀ æ̃  
Open   ɑ ɑˀ ɑ̃
Polyphthongs ɑʊ
Below is the orthography for Masconde. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 MascondeOrthography [edit]
Aa/ɑ/Ąą/ɑ̃/A' a'/ɑˀ/AU au/ɑʊ/Çç/t͡ʃ/, [d͡ʒ]Ęę/æ̃/Ee/æ/E' e'/æˀ/EI ei/aɪ/Hh/f/
HÇ hç/d͡ʒ/HK hk/g/HP hp/b/HS hs/z/HT ht/d/Įį/ẽ/Ii/e/I' i'/eˀ/Kk/k/, [ɣ], [x], [g], [ŋ]KL kl/kˡ/
KV kv/kʷ/Ll/ð/, [l]Mm/m/Nn/n/Pp/p/, [b], [m]PL pl/pˡ/PY py/pʲ/Şş/ʃ/Ss/s/, [z]SK sk/sk/
ŞL şl/ʃˡ/SM sm/sm/ŞN şn/ʃn/SP sp/sp/ŞT şt/ʃt/SV sv/θʷ/ŞV şv/ʃʷ/Tt/t/, [d]TV tv/tʷ/Ųų/õ/
Uu/o/U' u'/oˀ/Vv/v/, [w]VL vl/fˡ/VY vy/fʲ/Yy/ʒ/, [j]Łł/θ/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
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