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Old Bawati [OLB]
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Typology New 229 words
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Old Bawati
Bawaţ hawwaḥ
[ˈbawat͡s ˈxaw:ah]
Registered by [Deactivated User] on 6 January 2021
Language type A priori
Species Human/humanoid
About Old Bawati

ar-Bawaţ Hawwaḥ

Old Bawati, ancestor language of modern Bawati [yet to be added], was spoken around the 3rd to 9th centuries CE by the ancient Bawati people. Due to the expansion and influence of Bawatshana (ancient Bawati empire) the language was widely spoken throughout the southern regions of Shanava as a lingua franca, and many southern Shanavic languages (southwestern most especially) have borrowed many loanwords from Old Bawati.
Sample of Old Bawati[view] Ganda ñaḥ ḇāḏúyim ḇāḏum ganḑ šatta.

A failure in planning is a plan for failure.
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Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeShanavic
 ⤷  Proto-Shanavic
  ⤷ Proto-Bawatic
   ⤷  Old Bawati
Nasal m   n     ɲ   ŋ  
Plosive p b   t d   ʈ     k g  
Fricative β θ ð s z ʃ ʒ       x ɣ h
Affricate     t͡s d͡z t͡ʃ d͡ʒ          
Lateral approximant     l            
Approximant           j w    
Trill     r            
Close i i: u u:
Close-mid e e: o o:
Open a a:  
Below is the orthography for Old Bawati. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 Old BawatiOrthography [edit]
Āā/a:/Áá/a/Aa/a/Ā́ ā́/a:/Bb/b/Ḇḇ/β/Cc/t͡ʃ/Ḏḏ/ð/Dd/d/Ḑḑ/d͡z/
Ee/e/Ēē/e:/Éé/e/Ḗ ḗ/e:/Ğğ/ɣ/Gg/g/Ḥḥ/h/Hh/x/Īī/i:/Íí/i/
Ii/i/Ī́ ī́/i:/Jj/d͡ʒ/JH jh/ʒ/Kk/k/Ll/l/Mm/m/Nn/n/Ññ/ɲ/Oo/o/
Óó/o/Ōō/o:/Ṓ ṓ/o:/Pp/p/Rr/r/Ss/s/Šš/ʃ/Ṯṯ/θ/Tt/t/Ţţ/t͡s/
Ūū/u:/Úú/u/Uu/u/Ū́ ū́/u:/Ww/w/Yy/j/Zz/z/Ŋŋ/ŋ/Ʈʈ/ʈ/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
    Additional Notesacute accent indicates stress in words that don't have initial stress
    Typological information for Old Bawati

    Fixed stress locationInitial
    Noun-adjective orderAdjective first
    Possessor-possessee orderPossessor first
    Primary word orderSOV

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