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Otvei [OTI]
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Typology Progressing 215 words
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Registered by Dezinaa on 8 November 2016
Language type Artistic Language (Artlang)
Species Human/humanoid
About Otvei Otvei is a personal language (not spoken by a conpeople). I've been wanting to do something with this lang for a while, but I don't have much yet. I'm not going to worry too much about naturalism, especially with regularity. It's going to be a pretty straightforward language. Otvei has a conscript, which is alpha-syllabic.

CBB thread:
Sample of Otvei[view] Onti vauiezim maai.

The apple is red
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Latest vocabulary
Nasal m   n ŋ    
Plosive p   t k    
Fricative   v s z     h
Lateral approximant     l      
Trill         ʀ  
Close i u
Open-mid ɛ ɔ
Open   ɑ
Syllable Structure(C)V(C)
Stress informationStress is not phonemic, but tends to be on heavier syllables towards the right side of a word (optimally penultimate). Coda consonants and/or [j w] make a syllable heavier.
OtherMorphophonological changes:

These may actually be more allophonic changes, but they only happen at morpheme boundaries. They are represented in the orthography.

/np/ → /mp/
/nk/ → /ŋk/ (/ŋk/ is always written <nk>, not <gk>.)
/nv/ → /mv/
/tŋ/ → /kŋ/
/sz/ → /z/
/zs/ → /s/
/zh/ → /z/
/CC/ → /C/ (no geminates)
Below is the orthography for Otvei. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
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    How Otvei's syllabic alphabet works
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    Typological information for Otvei

    Morphological typologyAgglutinative
    Morphosyntactic alignmentNominative/Accusative
    Primary word orderSOV
    Verb agreementSubject only
    Primary writing systemConscript

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