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Qirixitam [QRC]
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New 79 words Qirixitam
Registered by fantomatrol15 on 29 July 2017
Language type A posteriori
Species Human/humanoid
About Qirixitam Qirixitam (キリシタン語 in Japanese) is a language spoken in Japan. It is descended from Portuguese brought to the nation by Portuguese missionaries and taught to locals. It is spoken by a Christian minority in Japan who were once persecuted. It can be written using Latin script, Hiragana or Katakana, and occasionally Kanji is used, too.
Sample of Qirixitam[view] Todo nimgem naxi jiyuu i igaru em somgem i qemri. Erera e sazuqido ji risey i riouxim i devi coudou fazeru em camqey a outoro com supiriçu ji doufou.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
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Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeItalic
 ⤷ Italic
  ⤷ Latino-Faliscan
   ⤷ Latin
    ⤷ Vulgar Latin
     ⤷ Western Romance
      ⤷ Iberian
       ⤷ Portuguese
        ⤷  Qirixitam
Nasal m n ȵ        
Plosive p b t d       k g  
Fricative [ɸ]1 s z ɕ [ʑ]2 [ç]3     h
Affricate   t͡s d͡z t͡ɕ d͡ʑ        
Approximant       j w    
Flap   ɾ          
  1. allophone of /h/
  2. allophone of /d͡ʑ/
  3. allophone of /h/
Close i i: ĩ: ĩ [i̥]1   u u: ũ: ũ [u̥]2
Mid e̞ e̞: ẽ̞: ẽ̞   o̞ o̞: õ̞: õ̞
Open   ä ä: ä̃: ä̃  
Polyphthongs äi o̞i
  1. allophone of /i/
  2. allophone of /u/
Below is the orthography for Qirixitam. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
Aa/ä/Bb/b/Cc/k/, /t͡s/, [s]Dd/d/Ee/e̞/Ff/h/, [ɸ], [ç]Gg/g/, /d͡ʑ/, [ʑ]Ii/i/, /j/, [i̥]Jj/d͡ʑ/, [ʑ]Mm/m/Nn/n/, [ȵ]
Oo/o̞/Pp/p/Qq/k/Rr/ɾ/Ss/s/, /z/Tt/t/Uu/w/, /u/, [u̥]Xx/ɕ/Yy/j/Zz/d͡z/, [z]
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
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