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Hakewa [QWW]
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Typology New 317 words Hakewa
Registered by Marlowe Clark on 18 August 2018
Language type Proto-Conlang
Species Human/humanoid
About Hakewa Proto-language of languages spoken west of the Quiraic region. The meaning of Xhaqwewwa is roughly "we speak in the generally recognized manner."
Sample of Hakewa[view] Ghox ton aryngku kwy.

Then he died.
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Latest vocabulary
xha orequ, ghoxphronce upon a time
Nasal m n     ŋ ɴ  
Plosive p b t tʲ d     k kʷ kʲ g q qʷ ɢ ʡ
Fricative ɸ β s z     x ɣ χ ʁ ʢ
Approximant     j w      
Trill   r          
Close i   u
Mid ə
Open   ä  
Below is the orthography for Hakewa. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
Aa/ä/Bb/b/BH bh/β/Cc/ɢ/CH ch/ʁ/Dd/d/Ee/e̞/Gg/g/GH gh/ɣ/
Ii/i/Jj/j/Kk/k/KH kh/x/KJ kj/kʲ/KW kw/kʷ/Mm/m/Nn/n/NC nc/ɴ/
NG ng/ŋ/Oo/o̞/Pp/p/PH ph/ɸ/Qq/q/QH qh/χ/QW qw/qʷ/Rr/r/Ss/s/
Tt/t/TJ tj/tʲ/Uu/u/Ww/w/Xx/ʡ/XH xh/ʢ/Yy/ə/Zz/z/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
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    Typological information for Hakewa

    Coding of evidentialityParticle/modal
    Morphological typologyAgglutinative
    Number of nominal casesSix cases
    Number of pronominal casesOne case
    Primary word orderOVS

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