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Taum [TAU]
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 27 April 2018
Language type Artistic Language (Artlang)
Species Human/humanoid
About Taum Tyaeum's main purpose is to be sung, not spoken (though of course it can be). It is not a true musiclang in that the words/phonemes and the note they are sung in have no relevance to each other. Ideally, any song should be able to be translated into Tyaeum and sung easily.

A few specific choices have been made in order to make Tyaeum more musical sounding or to make it easier to understand when listened to:

1. It doesn't have tones

2. Where stress is placed in a polysyllabic word is unimportant.

3. Vowel extension also has no effect on the meaning of a word.

4. All syllables only end with consonants that can have an extended sound (l, m, n) or a vowel

5. Voiced/voiceless consonant pairs never share the same vowels

6. It uses a standard 5 vowel system (a/i/u/e/o)

As for personal aesthetic choices, the phonetics were inspired by Korean, however, inspiration to create a syllabary came from Japanese, which is why you may see some similarities. Despite its inspiration, Tyaeum is a priori. Tyaeum is more limited in phonemes than many syllable based languages.
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Language family relationships
Language treeIsolates
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Nasal m n        
Plosive p b t       k
Fricative   s ʃ      
Affricate   t͡s        
Lateral approximant   l        
Approximant   ɹ   j w  
Flap   [ɾ]1        
Blends ɹɛ mi tja pja li nja
ʃa ʃɔ bi bwa tʃe ɹɔ ja
tʃi ʃɛ swa ki ʃi ʃɯ mjɔ
sa la ji ɹa
  1. allophone of /ɹ/
Close i ɯ
Open-mid ɛ ɔ
Open a  
Polyphthongs ɔl im al ɛs an is ɯm ɯl ɛm
il ɔn ɛɹ
Below is the orthography for Taum. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 TaumOrthography [edit]
AHN ahn/an/AHR ahr/aɹ/AL al/al/ASH ash/aʃ/BE be/bɛ/BI bi/bi/BWA bwa/bwa/CHE che/tʃe/CHI chi/tʃi/EM em/ɛm/ER er/ɛɹ/
ES es/ɛs/EUL eul/ɯl/EUM eum/ɯm/IL il/il/IM im/im/IR ir/iɹ/IS is/is/KI ki/ki/KO ko/kɔ/LA la/la/LE le/lɛ/
LI li/li/LU lu/lɯ/MI mi/mi/MO mo/mɔ/MYO myo/mjɔ/Nn/n/NE ne/nɛ/NU nu/nɯ/NYA nya/nja/OL ol/ɔl/ON on/ɔn/
PO po/pɔ/PYA pya/pja/RA ra/ɹa/RE re/ɹɛ/RO ro/ɹɔ/SA sa/sa/SHA sha/ʃa/SHE she/ʃɛ/SHI shi/ʃi/SHO sho/ʃɔ/SHU shu/ʃɯ/
SO so/sɔ/, /sɔ/SWA swa/swa/TE te/tɛ/TYA tya/tja/YA ya/ja/YE ye/jɛ/YI yi/ji/YO yo/jɔ/YU yu/jɯ/
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    20-Jun-18 11:58
    Typological information for Taum

    Primary directional systemRelative egocentric (right/left)
    Fixed stress locationNone
    Pronoun numbersSingular/Plural
    Unmarked tenseNonpast
    Script typeSyllabary

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