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Tereno [TEREN]
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 8 July 2021
Language type International Auxiliary Language (IAL)
Species Human/humanoid
Sample of Tereno[view] Ove Shtdat en engel, ove artej shtdat, ove rezidenz en ove Smaracked Buddha, ove uneinne shtdat (Nejftlijz Ayutthaya) en Gott Indra, ove gosartej horpstat en ove werl owstogashet sa nine cosbarr ejdilshdiner, ove hapme shtdat, riijlish ren ien eenorm kooniglish palast ovi enail ove paradiezesh alfentiit yenel regejart ove wedegaboren gott, un shtd...[view all texts]
Latest vocabulary
sema numseven
Sound samples in Tereno
Some sound samples of Tereno. Maximum of 6 shown. Click the links to see the full texts.
Falenja ies jesca un bruse; nelul un tatore
Failure is just a bruise; not a tattoo.
.Sa un ga efrenpa, avemne leren un ljotz
With a good friend, we learn a lot.
?Tu jee, Brutus
You too, Brutus?
Mir aran ejirian un filim ijal un døg
I'm watching a movie about a dog
Nal, gjennel uok ove wad 'Empabale' tonje's meremb ceben ove feren en discoven cel mu...
Nah, don't use the word 'impossible' - it's merely curbing the fun of discoverin...
Tu hja duo cowez
you have two cows.
Language family relationships
Language treeLaslamanic
 ⤷  Tereno
[view] About LaslamanicLaslamanic languages are languages similar to the Main Language of the family Tereno, this language family has links to Germanic languages, Slavic, and Romance languages.
Nasal m     ɴ  
Plosive p   t d    
Fricative         h
Approximant     ɹ    
Trill ʙ        
Flap   ɾ    
VowelsThis table is empty.
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