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Snaketongue [XLZ]
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 24 September 2018
Language type Artistic Language (Artlang)
Species Human/humanoid
About Snaketongue The Snaketongue or, how the speakers call it, Niqv [nɪqʰɯ] is the language of humanoid snakelike nation, which dwells at the riversystem and some oases in the desert of Qhakvsv [χakʰɯsɯ]. Their own Name for their lands is Þaathat [θa:ʃatʰ].
Since they are surrounded by the desert, they live relativly isolated, such that the number of speakers grows and falls with the overall population. That also means very few loan- and foreign words are present.
As one of the animalfolks their language is often seen as primitve by the humans and similar species, but that is a misconseption amongst other things caused by the inability of the speakers to produce any sound which involves the lips, since they simply miss them. Because of the speakers narrow tongues, there are also no laterals.
But the language is not primitive at all. It is highly agglutinative, although there are some isolating and flexional instances, and often very precise. Nouns declinate for 16 cases and three numeri, verbs conjugate for three persons, except for the 1. person singular distinguishing ex- and inclusive in the 1. person, three tempora, evidentiality, multiple aspects and moods and six voices. The adjectives only take affixes for their comparison.
Because of this words can get really long, such that the language looks very complicated, but one should keep in mind, that the language features nearly none irregular forms and also has only one declination and one conjugation, so its actually not that hard to get used to the grammar.
Sample of Snaketongue[view] Neeaþi rreeinqha!

Eat with your mouth!
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Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeReptiloida
 ⤷ Proto-Reptiloida
  ⤷ Proto-Middle-Reptiloida
   ⤷  Snaketongue
[view] About ReptiloidaThe reptiloid language family covers the languages of all the sapient reptiloid species in /insert name here/. It was a big family one time, but exept the Snaketongue all other languages are now extinct.
Nasal [n̪]1 n   [ŋ]2 [ɴ]3  
Plosive   tʼ tʰ   kʼ kʰ qʼ qʰ ʔ
Fricative θ s ʃ x χ h
Affricate   t͡sʼ t͡sʰ t͡ʃʼ t͡ʃʰ      
Trill   r     ʀ  
  1. before dental consonants, allophone of /n/
  2. before velar consonants, allophone of /n/
  3. before uvular consonants, allophone of /n/
Close i:   ɯ ɯ:
Near-close   ɪ  
Close-mid e:    
Open-mid ɛ    
Open a a:    
Below is the orthography for Snaketongue. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 SnaketongueOrthography [edit]
Aa/a/Ee/ɛ/Hh/h/Ii/ɪ/Kk/kʰ/KH kh/x/KK kk/kʼ/Nn/n/Qq/qʰ/QH qh/χ/QQ qq/qʼ/Rr/ʀ/
RR rr/r/Ss/s/Tt/tʰ/TH th/ʃ/TT tt/tʼ/TTH tth/t͡ʃʰ/TZ tz/t͡ʃʼ/Vv/ɯ/Zz/t͡sʰ/ZZ zz/t͡sʼ/´/ʔ/Þþ/θ/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
    Typological information for Snaketongue

    Coding of evidentialityAffix or clitic
    Morphological typologyAgglutinative
    Morphosyntactic alignmentTripartite
    Number of nominal casesEight cases or more
    Script typeAlphabet

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