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Uradic [YRD]
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 1 October 2015
Language type A posteriori
Species Human/humanoid
About Uradic Uradic is the main language spoken by most citizens of the Republic of Uradia, in the Old Continent, Planet Ord, Geida solar system, 6 ly away from earth... it is the year 2503.
It bears a peculiar resemblance to the Slavic language family , and Semitic language family (particularly Hebrew), since the Jewish invasion on South Uradia in 2329...
It has some some Germanic roots as well, borrowed from Yidlandisch and Nordlandisch , since the Republic of Uradia shares borders with these two countries...
It also borrows a lot of vocabulary from Arabic, since 83% of it's speakers are Muslims...

It is split into four main dialects:
1.Classical Uradic.
2.Western Uradic.
3.Eastern Uradic.
4.Southern Uradic, later becoming a language of it's own.

And since I am too lazy to work with the Phonology/Orthography thing, here's the alphabet... :D

The language will be amazing when it is completed... stay tuned...
Sample of Uradic[view] Говарені Урадіе мовако

I speak English
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Говарені Урадіе мовако
I speak English
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Language family relationships
Language treeSlavic
 ⤷ Proto-Slavic
  ⤷ East Slavic
   ⤷  Uradic
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