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Zunish [ZNW]
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Wuĕäŋ zun
[wuə̯äŋ zun]
Registered by [Deactivated User] on 5 January 2018
Language type A posteriori
Species Human/humanoid
About Zunish One of the two dragon languages in my conworld spoken by the majority of dragons who live in the mountains, therefore also known as Upper Dragon or High Dragon.

It's highly agglutinative, with almost 30 noun cases and three definite suffixes for each gender, and you can also turn pronouns into suffixes and attach one suffix after another making really long words(it's less crazy in the northern dialect)

Has 5 dialects, and all of them have a rather fun pronunciation: there's an ejective consonant(two in the Xağitəm dialect), two click consonants, the possibility to aspirate almost everything(except in the Xağitəm dialect), and the non-syllabic schwa instead of /j/.

The mpst spoken dialect is the eastern one, where the dragons are the most mixed with the coastal ones(they're kinda like two races), spoken in the capital city of Uniri and to the west from it, known for its overuse of ş, ç, đ, þ, ķ and ã, and being the closest Zunish dialect to the plateau dialect of Sharkan.

Same as Sharkan, Zunish is written with the dragon script, which is an abugida written upside-down, and the letters, each of which are not a letter, but a syllable, are connected to each other in a single word. They usually write with their claws, and they may both use ink or scratch a hard surface

Sample of Zunish[view] Ĕoneĕşazu şeměnçă şaŋzikhwi uğãnaĕtmãka đintãwişŋã!

Put sunflower seeds in your pocket so that they grow when you die!
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Latest vocabulary
Sound samples in Zunish
Some sound samples of Zunish. Maximum of 6 shown. Click the links to see the full texts.
Ĕoneĕşazu şeměnçă şaŋzikhwi uğãnaĕtmãka đintãwişŋã!
Put sunflower seeds in your pocket so that they grow when you die!
Dãđĕa xorşpilut şukketŋaq inşy licotŋa.
Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.
Cwãu bugəŋ worq
I don't want to work today.
I am at home
Manđerěm şoĕan!
We eat food!
Ķĕestu ķak dãđĕa xhewatěst iăgiwerow atãmaþþaŋã. Hameşä. Pahãr ulokwiruş. Iăgiet eşi ķerãwtmmi. Mi i...
It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That ...
Language family relationships
[edit] [view] Heĕħsqãn (Northern Zunish)Spoken right next to the Dead Forest, in the creepiest part of Zunia jokingly referred to as "Mordor"(they know about other worlds and they know what Mordor is). Their dialect sounds a bit more like Welsh and has some more Welsh words
[edit] [view] Mzanc (Southern Zunish)The dialect of the south, the warmest part of the highland Zunia which is also usually associated with active volcanoes and Ghoro Sheeghanea(the local Gordon Ramsay)

The southern highlanders don't distinct "ç" from "c", have õ instead of ã and spam q, ķ and ä
[edit] [view] Ueşşi (Western Zunish)The dialect of the neighboring to Ŕepčilźemě west, the Japan of Zunia, where they have active volcanoes along with the south, sound generally more Japanese, have more aspiration and actually have /ʒ/ and /d͡ʒ/ - the last two are perhaps due to the contant with Awkshtazhemish Reptilian and Shurq Geniese
[edit] [view] Xağitəm (Xağitəm Zunish)The rarest dialect of Zunish, spoken in Xağitəm, where the tengu live. Beside having some Tengu loanwords, it also sounds more like Southern African languages. The also have whistled consonants like in Shona
Nasal m     n   ȵ   ŋ      
Plosive p pʰ b bʰ     t tʰ d dʰ       k kʼ kʰ kʰʼ g gʰ q qʰ    
Fricative   f fʰ v vʰ θ θʰ s sʰ z zʰ ʃ ʃʰ     x ɣ   ħ ɧ
Affricate       t͡s t͡sʰ d͡z d͡zʰ t͡ʃ t͡ʃʰ            
Lateral approximant       l   ȴ          
Approximant             w        
Flap       ɾ ɾʰ              
Click       ǃ ǃʰ              
Close i y   u
Close-mid e ɘ o
Mid   ə ə̯  
Open a ã ä  
Polyphthongs iu ia
Below is the orthography for Zunish. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 ZunishOrthography [edit]
Ãã/ã/Aa/a/Ăă/ia/Ää/ä/Bb/b/BH bh/bʰ/Çç/t͡ʃ/Cc/t͡s/ÇH çh/t͡ʃʰ/CH ch/t͡sʰ/Dd/d/
DH dh/dʰ/Ee/e/Ěě/ɘ/Ĕĕ/ə̯/Ff/f/FH fh/fʰ/F̣ f̣/ɧ/Gg/g/Ğğ/ɣ/GH gh/gʰ/Hh/ħ/
Ii/i/Kk/k/Ķķ/kʼ/ĶH ķh/kʰʼ/KH kh/kʰ/Ļļ/ȴ/Ll/l/Mm/m/Ńń/ȵ/Nn/n/Oo/o/
Pp/p/PH ph/pʰ/Qq/q/QH qh/qʰ/Rr/ɾ/RH rh/ɾʰ/Şş/ʃ/Ss/s/SH sh/sʰ/ŞH şh/ʃʰ/Tt/t/
TH th/tʰ/Ųų/iu/Uu/u/Vv/v/VH vh/vʰ/Ww/w/Xx/ǃ/XH xh/ǃʰ/Yy/y/Zz/z/ZH zh/zʰ/
Þþ/θ/ÞH þh/θʰ/Đđ/d͡z/ĐH đh/d͡zʰ/Ħħ/x/Ŋŋ/ŋ/Əə/ə/
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    Typological information for Zunish

    Adjective agreementNone
    Unmarked moodDECL/IND and IMP
    Noun-adjective orderNoun first
    Pronoun dropping?Yes

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