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Sarian numerals
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Including the correct use of cardinal and ordinal numerals
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1. Cases
 Sarian has a legacy duodecimal system. Beyond 24, Sarian uses the standard decimal system, however it must be noted that numerals up to and including 24 follow a duodecimal style as seen in Proto-Sarian. The use of cardinal (one) and ordinal (first) numerals also follows particular rules.

When counting countable nouns, the cardinal numeral is used, for example, vamem ehat, vimem sxá ('one tree', 'two trees'). When counting the order in which something comes, the ordinal numeral is used, as may be expected, e.g. vamem ehtúer ('first tree', note the adjectival ending -er here). However, if simply counting numbers, and no noun is relevant to the context, for example 'one, two, three, four', Sarian uses the ordinal system: ehtú, sxadú, kistú, sxodú.

Numerals up to 24

#EnglishCardinalOrdinal #EnglishCardinalOrdinal
1oneehatehtú 13thirteenvahtatvahtatú
2twosxásxadú 14fourteenvahtaxvahtaxtú
3threekeiskistú 15fifteenvahtisvahtistú
4foursxósxodú 16sixteenvahtosvahtostú
5fivemesmestú 17seventeenvahtemsvahtemsú
6sixkesmkesmú 18eighteenvahtesximvahtesximú
7sevenkestkestú 19nineteenvahtesximatvahtesximatú
8eightxasxaxasxú 20twentyvahtasxa
9ninenesnestú 21twenty onevahtensvahtensú
10tensirsirú 22twenty twovahtesirvahtesirú
11elevensirtosirtú 23twenty threevahtesirtovahtesirtú
12twelvevahatvahtú 24twenty fourvihtaxvihtaxtú

As demonstrated above, numbers up to 24 reflect the legacy duodecimal system in Sarian. Modern Sarian uses the decimal system, which is the base for numbers 25 and above. Note the variants for 20 vahtasxa (12 + 8), and sirsxá (10 x 2). Both variants are acceptable in speech. Numbers above 25 reflect the decimal system, including the use of 10s, 100s, and 1000s, with the exception of vihto (144) which maintains the duodecimal word. Unlike for 20, there is no decimal variant used in speech for this number.

Numerals 25 and above

25twenty fivesirsxámessirsxámestú
26twenty sixsirsxákesmsirsxákesmú
27twenty sevensirsxákestsirsxákestú
28twenty fivesirsxáxasxasirsxáxasxú
29twenty ninesirsxánessirsxánestú
144one hundred
(and) forty four

Vahtúe zadan rystaze!
/vaħ'tu:e zadan ri'sta:ze/
twelve.ORD-POSTP until count.IND-IMP.2
Count to twelve!

Riś keis kistannais.
/riʃ keis ki'
dog.PL three.CARD see.IND-CONT-1S.S-3P.O
I see three dogs.

Seki kama sxadúer kekeranne.
/seki kama sxa'du:eɾ keka'ran:e/
1SG.COM house two.ORD-ADJ NEG-be.IND-CONT-3S.S
I don't have a second house.
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