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Elukru Article
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This is a basic summary about the people who speak this.
This public article was written by mystikTopaz on 14 Nov 2020, 20:49.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

This language is not meant to be derived from another language, and evolved through the communication between people with the ability to use magic. This people have lived alongside us for as long as human kind has existed. This version of the language is meant to be very ancient and is no longer in use today. These people now live all around the world, just as humans do today. When this was spoken, many people had the belief that their magic stemmed from ten gods. They believe that the first two gods were Kat, the god of time, and Suv, the god of space. Suv represented everything that a person could see and experience, while Kat represented more obscure concepts, like time, fire, love, hate, and war. Suv and Kat were said to have had eight children. They were the gods of: the sun (Asu), the moon (Oli), the sky (Su), the earth (Bu), the sea (We), deception (Ila), hopes and dreams (Ali), and lastly, the youngest, Yuka, the god of life. Much of these people's lives revolved around these eight gods, they were their explanations for the existence of their world, and the explanation to their own abilities. Each magic user could harness abilities of just one of the eight respective children of Kat and Suv.
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