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Tanaþekńabmi Calendar
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Žakatatadþe timekeeping methods
This public article was written by Camera244, and last updated on 19 May 2019, 02:30.

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The Žakatatadþe people use a lunar calendar established around the beginning of the classical era; namely the blood-red full moon of the Gregorian year 1994 BC Feb 22. The format of dates is always Year-Era-Month-Day. Years are numbered by a nonary cycle consisting of three kings with three phases each. The era is decimal numbered by year according to the reign of kings. The Month is marked by the names of twelve different named moons. Months are 30 days, and an intercalary month of 54 days is inserted at the end of every ninth year to align the start of the next year with the full moon. Days are measured from sunset to the next sunset, and are marked by a vigenary cycle of 5 guardians and 4 animals. There are four hours/watches in a day: sunset-sunrise, early morning, late morning, and afternoon-sunset.

[top]Nonary Cycle

ßačćaþßaźßapbßačćaþjustice-king of fire
ßačćaþpiþpapfßačćaþjustice-king of water
ßačćaþðadðapbßačćaþjustice-king of earth
pejćaþßaźßapbpejćaþwrath-king of fire
pejćaþpiþpapfpejćaþwrath-king of water
pejćaþðadðapbpejćaþwrath-king of earth
dagkaþßaźßaćźadagkaþcertainty-king of fire
dagkaþpiþpatþdagkaþcertainty-king of water
dagkaþðadðatdadagkaþcertainty-king of earth


12 months, belief in multiple moons so 12 different moons.
1st month: vaćñźumpaþ (red moon)
2nd month: kakaćźumpaþ (white moon)
3rd month: gepßaźumpaþ (black moon)
4th month: jaćźaźumpaþ (fish moon)
5th month: bëćjźumpaþ (feather moon)
6th month: ßaćźaźumpaþ (fire moon)
7th month: čapbaźumpaþ (reed moon)
8th month: dećłźumpaþ (marrow moon)
9th month: fëćźumpaþ (dam moon)
10th month: kapvaźumpaþ (yam moon)
11th month: çećłźumpaþ (bow moon)
12th month: katlaźumpaþ (gallbladder moon)
Intercalary month: źumamu (no moon)

[top]Vigenary Cycle

čëlußčëtlußpaþbasin tiger
bilußbatlußpaþfather tiger
gulußgatlußpaþmortar tiger
tulußtatlußpaþvegetable tiger
mačalußmakčalußpaþmother tiger
čëčëtlëkaþbasin bear
bibatlëkaþfather bear
gugatlëkaþmortar bear
tutatlëkaþvegetable bear
mačamakčalëkaþmother bear
čëleðčëtleðtaþbasin snake
bileðbatleðtaþfather snake
guleðgatleðtaþmortar snake
tuleðtatleðtaþvegetable snake
mačaleðmakčaleðtaþmother snake
čëpëñčëkapëñćaþbasin rat
bipëñbakapëñćaþfather rat
gupëñgakapëñćaþmortar rat
tupëñtakapëñćaþvegetable rat
mačapëñmakčapëñćaþmother rat

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