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imperative crap
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how to make the deer mans do your bidding
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 19 Aug 2021, 04:42.

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Menu 1. Form 2. Usage 3. Commanding the patient 4. Negative So yeah how to make a verb into commands?

Well just like a adjective, the end vowel of the verb is reduced, from the neutral and non-volitional inflection. Also like adjectives, if for some reason the word has only one vowel, replace the single vowel with "ae".

"boca" boca, the neutral and non-volitional form of to run on all fours, turns into "bocà" bocà as imperative form

"rulonca" rulonca to stumble.N.NVOL becomes "ruloncà" ruloncà

"ba" ba to do (something).N.NVOL becomes "bae" bae

You get the point.

For transitive verbs, by default you are commanding the agent (ergative argument) of the sentence in the second person. It's usually omitted like in English, because of usual pronoun dropping; it's extra insulting to actually use "you".

"càpanà tacau" --> It jumps over the fence.
"càpanà tacau" --> Jump over the fence.
"càpanà nan tacau" --> Jump over the fence, you.
"bae" --> Do something!

[edit] [top]Commanding the patient

When you want to command the patient (absolutive argument) of a transitive verb, or the single argument of intransitive verb, precede it with the passive marker "vi".

"vaità" --> Move it! (As in move something)
"viváità" --> Be moved!
"viwokóacà" --> Get killed!
"vibae" --> Let it do that to you!

"faà" --> Make it exist?? (ungrammatical since this verb is intransitive)
"vifáà" --> Exist!

[edit] [top]Negative

If you mean to command someone not to do it, the normal negation particle "an" will not help. The meaning is more subtle.

"anváità" --> "Not telling you to move it".

Instead, use the special prohibitative particle "khan". This particle's only purpose is literally for negative imperative constructions.

"khanváità" --> "Don't move it!" (Sometimes understood as don't move your body)
"khanviváità" --> "Don't move!"
"khanjáurà airalu rojonù" --> "Don't eat the yellow snow!"
"khanbáe" --> "Don't do it!"
"khanvibáe" --> "Don't let it do that to you!"

"jon khan" --> "Just don't." (slang lol)

Pretty boring article right? Next ones will be interesting, I swear.

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