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Fou Tong [FTG]
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Fou Tong
[fou̯ tʰʊŋ]
Registered by [Deactivated User] on 4 April 2021
Language type A posteriori
Species Human/humanoid
About Fou Tong  Fou Tong is a sister language to  Vandalon in the sense of being an overly Germanic language, with almost all roots derived from Proto-Germanic, that evolved to look and sound like Mandarin Chinese. The name simply means and is a full cognate of English "Folk Tongue".  Fou Tong is supposed to be written in a script based on Hanzi keys and composed by similar rules, which, however, should not necessarily be present or be identical to the actual Hanzi.

 Fou Tong is spoken by about 110 millions of people in the East Asia. It has arrived there the same way as Turkic and Ugric languages arrived to Europe: with a Germanic tribe adopting a nomadic lifestyle, passing their language to other nomadic people, who later became known as Zhong [ʈ͡ʂʊŋ] nation (Greutungi). In a subsequent series of migrations, raids and conquests, the Zhong then brought their language all the way to the Southeast Asia. All the while proto- Fou Tong was losing a lot of initial features of Proto-Germanic due to pidginization, yet retained most of the Germanic roots and acquired tones.

Main characteristics:
- Isolating - well, almost (see below)
- SOV - well, mostly (see pronomial copula)
- Classifiers
- Analytic verb conjugation - but a few verbs have separate past form (è - eat, à - ate)
- No genders - but animate persons can be referred to as he/she
- No third person non-human and third person plural pronouns - classifiers are used instead.
- Two cases for pronouns, two numbers for first and second person (and, sort of, one and a half for third, see above)
- No conjugation for proper nouns - but a few proper nouns retain two cases, which they inherit from the very ancient heteroclitic conjugation (e.g. sou / sun - sun(DR / OB), from PG *sōel / *sunnōn, from PIE nom. *séh2u-el / gen. *sh2u-n-ós)
Sample of Fou Tong[view] yun-diao-hè ne? ha, yè hei tu shà yin gāo zù!

Oh, immortality. Heh, I gave that to the snake.
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Latest vocabulary
Sound samples in Fou Tong
Some sound samples of Fou Tong. Maximum of 6 shown. Click the links to see the full texts.
Láo sai, lou bi-kuang tao kun, ye sai, lou tuo-téi pìng náo-yè. Zu huo zang?
Some say they can tell the future, I say they cost 25. What do you think?
Ye an ǎn kuang-ting se kun, ǎn ne xuē kun yao.
I can see the future, but I cannot change it.
Yi zi zai xin an hong gè kun. Wái hong miu bà xing. Sang qī à, zai po à, ba à gào kun.
I can get you one of them. Very good guard dogs; they can watch the front and the back at the same t...
Shao pǔ pai pai, nǔ ying bie bie.
Snowflakes fluttering, the north wind whistles.
'An ǒu bo bō-piǎo nen, táo-che nen,' A-Lì wa zang, 'huà er xin nǜ?'
'What is the use of a book,' thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversations? '
Cù é cen min ben biè kun, ō me ni shei-weng ya.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
Nasal m   n         ŋ  
Plosive p pʰ   t tʰ         k kʰ  
Fricative   f   ʂ ʐ ɕ     x  
Affricate     t͡s t͡sʰ ʈ͡ʂ ʈ͡ʂʰ t͡ɕ t͡ɕʰ        
Lateral approximant     l            
Approximant       ɻ   j w   ɥ
Close i y ɨ  
Near-close     ʊ ʊ˞  
Close-mid e     ɤ ɤ˞ o
Mid   ə ə˞    
Open-mid ɛ     ɔ˞
Near-open   ɐ ɐ˞    
Open a     ɑ̃˞
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