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Morkaasi Sign Language [MXS]
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Morkaasi Sign Language
Μορκααsι Χιρα Sαυμιμ
Registered by [Deactivated User] on 14 April 2019
Language type Signed conlang
Species Humans/Humanoid (signed)
About Morkaasi Sign Language Morkaasi Sign Language (Μορκααsι Χιρα Sαυμιμ) is a signed language originating in Morkaal, primarily used by deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, although a relatively large number of Selesi can speak it conversationally as well owing to the practice of holding silent vigils.
Sample of Morkaasi Sign LanguageCan't find any yet.
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Language family relationships
Language treeIsolates
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   ⤷  Morkaasi Sign Language
[view] About IsolatesThis is a family for isolate languages.
[view]Phonological System: Humans/Humanoid (signed)Modified Sign Language IPA (MSLIPA), a way of transcribing signed languages heavily based on David Peterson's Sign Language IPA (SLIPA). Most of the credit goes to him and his work on the system. The original version can be found at

Handshapes are directly taken from SLIPA as well as diacritics, an individual explanation of the specific handshapes is advised for each language. Due to formatting issues, areas below the waist are not well specified in this version, although they will be discussed in the article and are in fact included in the MSLIPA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to constraints, this is only a bare version, and specific attributes (using superscripts) must be added manually, a link to the unicode list here
PlaceTop ForeheadMiddle ForeheadEyebrowEye LevelNose RidgeNose TipUpperlipLower LipChin (point)EarThroatClavicleMiddle ChestBottom ChestSolar PlexusNavalBelow-NavalpalmKnucklesFinger
Central h  bx x r n u  c ear t  m   b  plm knl 
Non-Central  sf br sy    mt     pc np  sb    
Periphery      ch      sh        
Reversable              bcp  lbw frm wrs   fng
Handshape0 Fingers1 Finger1 Finger2 Fingers2 Fingers3 Fingers3 Fingers4 Fingers4 Fingers
Thumb Vertical A   Ü    B 
Thumb Horizontal Ŧ G L     ß 
Thumb Under  Ï   R   4 
Thumb Under    U V    
Thumb Over    Ŷ     
Curved w/ Thumb        C O
Curved w/ Thumb        F 
Curved  Π X N Ś  M  
Other  Ñ    6 7  
Other       8   
MovementDominant Central Marked
Upper Back E A F
Mid Back D X B
Lower Back H C G
Upper Front M I N
Mid Front L Y J
Lower Front P K O
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Transcribing MXS
01-Dec-19 16:37
Typological information for Morkaasi Sign Language

Base counting systemOctal (8)
Inclusive/exclusive pronounsDistinct forms
Noun-numeral orderNoun first

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