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Roadscross (Kawsa) [RCS]
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New 16 words Roadscross (Kawsa)
Registered by Benjaminmb on 14 November 2016
Language type Logical Language (Loglang)
Species Human/humanoid
About Roadscross (Kawsa) Spoken in the town of Kawsa, Jeinia, by the residents after the Language Wars about 200 years ago. A conscious construction of some linguists and Kawsan residents after the town decided that they didn't want another Language War. The Language Wars were conflicts between the Kaber and Jeinia over whether some classes could be in Kabernertsska and other minority languages. This was before the Quakeland conquest, so some words relating to earthquakes are still odd. Kawsa is governed by the Kawsan Language Authority, and is taught in schools in the area. However, Kawsans tend to know Kabernerttska and Jeinian, and more languages for some. The language's chief goals were to have clarity and to be approaching the world as a neutral moderator. Did it accomplish those goals? Still debated. Some modified versions have been released, including some to make it seem less auxlangish. I'm not going to create those now but they might be coming soon. Message me if you want to know anything more about Kawsa or the rest of my languages. Kawsa tends to use Jeinian runes, but can also use other scripts. Various plans for an abugida have been floated.
Sample of Roadscross (Kawsa)Can't find any yet.
Latest vocabulary
Nasal [m]1 ɱ   [n]2   ɳ       [ŋ]3 [ɴ]4      
Plosive p b     t d       [c]5   k g [q]6 [ɢ]7      
Fricative [β]8 f v [θ]9 [ð]10 s [z]11 [ʃ]12 ʒ   [ɕ]13 ʑ14     [x]15 χ [ʕ]16 ʜ [h]17
Affricate   [p̪f]18                        
Lateral approximant       [l]19       ʎ            
Lateral fricative       [ɬ]20                    
Approximant   [ʋ]21   [ɹ]22       j w          
Trill [ʙ]23     [r]24             [ʀ]25      
Flap       ɾ                    
  1. allophone of /ɱ/
  2. allophone of /ɳ/
  3. allophone of /ɳ/
  4. allophone of /ɳ/
  5. allophone of /k/
  6. allophone of /k/
  7. allophone of /g/
  8. allophone of /b/
  9. allophone of /t/
  10. allophone of /d/
  11. allophone of /ʒ/
  12. allophone of /s/
  13. allophone of /s/
  14. allophone of /ʒ/
  15. allophone of /χ/
  16. allophone of /ʜ/
  17. allophone of /ʜ/
  18. allophone of /f/
  19. allophone of /ʎ/
  20. allophone of /ʎ/
  21. allophone of /ɾ/
  22. allophone of /ɾ/
  23. allophone of /b/
  24. allophone of /ɾ/
  25. allophone of /ɾ/
Close [i]1 y     ɯ [u]2
Near-close     [ʊ]3  
Close-mid [e]4     o
Mid   [ə]5    
Open-mid ɛ     [ɔ]6
Near-open [æ]7      
Open a     [ɑ]8
  1. allophone of /i/
  2. allophone of /ɯ/
  3. allophone of /ɯ/
  4. allophone of /ɛ/
  5. allophone of /ɯ/
  6. allophone of /o/
  7. allophone of /a/
  8. allophone of /a/
Below is the orthography for Roadscross (Kawsa). This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 Roadscross (Kawsa)Orthography
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
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