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High Draconic [REKHR]
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High Draconic
Registered by [Deactivated User] on 26 February 2020
Language type A priori
Species Dragon (Public)
Sample of High Draconic[view] Zon dir asiir yirins, / A zon xironon krars, / Zon esxin siak’, / A zon idiks rekhar. / / Ahr yelfor genisins, / Ith hakaros fath’, / Arum san asaie yirin, / Zaakos san xazathur’. / / An dir asiir yirins, / Miir’futhos xyae komins, / Nal kad komins krars, / A likhres tao yirins. / / Arik likhains, arik kharatins, / Ith hir kanai ...[view all texts]
Latest vocabulary
miir'futhosnmonsoon season
Language family relationships
[view]Phonological System: Dragon (Public)I took the phonology done by JStaleknight and redid it.
People can now use this if they have a dragon language that they would like to make.
Table #1voiceless rostralvoiced rostalvoiceless rostrodentalvoiced rostrodentalvoiceless predentalvoiceless dentalvoiceless alveolarvoiced alveolarvoiced post-alveolarvoiceless palatalvoiced palatalvoiceless velarvoiced velarvoiceless uvular
nasal  m            
plosive p      t d    k g 
lateral plosive              
fricative   f v þ θ s   ç    χ
approximant        ɹ      
lateral approximant        l   ʎ   
Table #2frontmid-frontcentralcentral rounded back rounded
high i    u
mid-closed    ɵ o
open æ  ɐ  
low a    
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