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Astanu-Specific Terms
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This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 9 Oct 2019, 08:15.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.
Menu 1. Ethnicities, Countries, Languages, etc. 2. Other This article is intended to serve as a crosslinguistic dictionary for the languages of my conworld Astanu for terms specific to the world, since adding a bunch of wordlinks for these terms felt ridiculous and using more generic equivalents for some don't really do them justice. Many of these words look pretty similar to each other as a result of borrowing, but some words (typically ethnicites or locations) have different etymologies across languages. No tables will be provided cause they're a pain in the ass after a certain size.

The languages included in this list are:  Ythnandosian,  Kuazhang,  Potrenan,  Sangesian,  Yutongian,  Shilungese,  Nakse
This article uses the following abbreviations: Yth. (Ythnandosian), CKau. (Classical Kauzic), Cht. (Chatu), Kua. (Kuazhang), OMat. (Old Matlic), Pot. (Potrenan), CR (Common Ripoian), OY (Yngo/Old Yngic), PYdt. (Proto-Ydtobogan), Sng. (Sangesian), MSng. (Middle Sangesian), OSng. (Old Sangesian), Yut. (Yutongian), MYut. (Middle Yutongian), OYut. (Old Yutongian), Hon. (Honnatso), OHon. (Old Honnatso), CKaz. (Classical Kazye), PQsk. (Proto-Qaskan), Shl. (Shilungese), Gyt. (Gyatan), Kon. (Konti), CKon. (Central Konti), OMit. (Old Mite), PYch. (Proto-Yechan), Nak. (Nakse), LNak. (Late Middle Nakse), ENak. (Early Middle Nakse), ONak. (Old Nakse), PA (Proto-Avu), PZ (Proto-Zei)

[edit] [top]Ethnicities, Countries, Languages, etc.

Izovangia-  Ythnandosian pagàn /pɑ.ˈgɑ̀n/ (CKau. paman "great desert") ,  Kuazhang izoveńca /ˈi.zɔ.βɛŋ.ça/ (OMat. idobâŋ pgia "central land"),  Potrenan pămne /ˈ (OY paman, from CKau. paman "great desert"),  Sangesian wakna /ˈ (Yut. bakna, from Pot. pămne, from OY paman),  Yutongian banna /ˈ (Pot. pămne, from OY paman),  Shilungese ītsonshò /í.t͡sòn.ɕô/ (Kua. izoveńca "Izovangia" influenced by CKon. yon "rock", Kon. shokì "country"),  Nakse c'iisfeng /ˈt͡ʃʼis.fɛŋ/ (Kua. izoveńca)

Kasnatia-  Ythnandosian könot /kɵ.ˈnot/ (Pot. kơnote, from Yut. kŕnot),  Kuazhang kônôta /ˈ (Pot. kơnote, from Yut. kŕnot),  Potrenan kơnote /ˈkɤ.no.te/ (Yut. kŕnot, from MSng. kaznat),  Sangesian kaynate /kaj.ˈna.te/ (OHon. kasnat "great land, world"),  Yutongian kŕno /ˈkɚ.nɔ/ (MSng. kaznat, from OHon. kasnat),  Shilungese // (),  Nakse // ()

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