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Lesson #2 grammar
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the grammar in zygiligleth
This public article was written by asdrop, and last updated on 8 Apr 2020, 06:17.

[comments] hello and welcome to the ultimate guide to zygiligleth in this lesson you will learn the grammar of zygiligleth and in the next few lessons you will learn how to form sentences

in zygiligleth the typical word order is svo but it also can be worded in ovs as well but translations into any other language is always ovs it never changes from the ovs word order and at the end of this and the next two lessons you will be tested on what you learned

lesson two

here are some sentences that follow the svo sentence pattern

dente so kav wa lano

i go to the store daily

naso kane jante sano

funny my mother is

now here are some sentences that follow the ovs sentence pattern

kœnta wa pata so
the kitten i need

dagone wa pata so
the puppy i need

now let's say that you are given the task of translating these next few sentences
these are two sentences one is following the svo sentence pattern and the second one is following the ovs sentence pattern
anton is the word for and
wa kœnta anton dagone so pata
etaneta is the word for car anætora is the word for broken
etaneta wa anætora jante

Bonus question
what is the correct way to say i need the kitten? it's following the svo pattern

in the next lesson we will tackle everyday phrases and conjugation
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[link] [quote] 21-Aug-16 23:46
zygiligleth language chat
this is all about zygiligleth
 zygiligleth word for broken is anætora
[link] [quote] 17-Aug-16 21:23
🚫Anime Was A Mistake
christian moms against degenerate chinese cartoons
You didn't say what anætora means.
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