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Haclefrec Taaevaes Itagiel
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Traditional Edievian Astrology
This public article was written by argyle, and last updated on 9 Nov 2019, 07:10.

[comments] Menu 1. Times and Signs 2. Aoblac - Cloud 3. Lagaen - Mountain 4. Cargaeg - River 5. Laom - Tree 6. Galoc - Ocean 7. Edge Children 8. Chart of the Signs Tradition Edievian astrology (called haclefrec in Edievian; this contrasts with éiscrec, which is European astrology) is a predictive or divine art, based upon the time of a child's birth. Key to working with it is knowledge of the (now abandoned) Colian timekeeping system, which was base-10. This practice developed in the early 1000s, and was a well-established art by the beginning of the twelfth century. Astrologers (called haclefeman) were as important as midwives when a woman was near birth; transcribing the precise moment of birth was the most important step for the astrological process. While superseded now by modern psychology, personality studies, and science, traditional Edievian astrology is still near to Edievians hearts, and is often used as an identifying feature of one's self.

[top]Times and Signs

Prior to starting this section, all terminology will be given in Edievian as opposed to Colian.

The Colians (the ancestors of the Edievians) divided the day into 10 parts, which resulted in something akin to "hours" that were two hours and twenty-four minutes long, or 144 minutes. These hours were called or, plural ur, and were simply numbered one through ten. Each or comprised of ten oraiof (plural oraiuf), which was fourteen minutes and twenty-four seconds long. These were similarly numbered one through ten.

The ur were paired to make five pairs, each of which was assigned to a "sign", known as a pem. The signs are the basis of one's personality according to haclefrec.

qbla c
la gxn
ca rgxg
ga loc

Each of these signs has positive and negative traits, as well as associated body parts, colors, flowers, and affinities to other signs. Those born to the signs are called [sign] children, in Edievian, cíid óis [pem]. Children born closer to the middle of an or embody the traits of that or more strongly than those who are born closer to its beginning or end.

[top]Aoblac - Cloud

Those born during ur one and two (between 12:01 AM and 4:48 AM, center 2:25 AM) are children of the cloud, or cíid óis aoblac. Cloud children are considered adaptable and easy-going people. They are not ones to make a fuss or attempt to destroy an obstacle; instead, they choose to avoid problems or find ways around them, regardless of the legality of their moves. Cloud children are happy to avoid conflict and are considered charismatic, but not seekers of attention. Many are care-free, while a small number of them can be flaky or inconsistent. Another flaw is being temperamental; though they rarely look for trouble, their emotions can change on a dime and can go from seemingly happy to quietly seething. Cloud children are also considered intuitive and good at reading others' emotions. They pair well with most other signs due to their relative agreeableness.

Cloud children are associated with the hair, ears, eyes, and hands. Their preferred color is blue and affiliated flower is lilac.

[top]Lagaen - Mountain

Children born during ur three and four (between 4:49 AM and 9:36 AM, center 7:13 AM) are children of the mountain, the cíid óis lagaen are almost total foils of the previous sign. Mountain children are brazen, strong-willed, and often loud. They make it clear when things are not going as they would like, and will blow through problems instead of avoiding them. They don't shy away from nor seek attention; instead they work to make themselves and those they care for happy, and whatever social perceptions follow do not bother the mountain children. They are rule-makers and rule-followers and have a strong respect for authority. Mountain children often suffer from stubbornness and inflexibility, and are steadfast in decision-making. They pair well with river children and ocean children, who can contend with them without being dominated.

Mountain children are associated with the jaw, nose, arms, and thighs. Their preferred color is red and affiliated flower is lavender.

[top]Cargaeg - River

Children born during ur five and six (between 9:37 AM and 2:24 PM, center 12:01 PM) are the children of the river, the cíid óis cargaeg. River children, like mountain children, are strong-willed, but simultaneously subtle. River children are exceedingly perseverant and are not discouraged easily. They are tenacious and do not back down from problems, but at the same time are adaptable and can work with others to find a common solution. They do not do well with confines or restrictions, and often will buck against authority out of spite. Like cloud children, they can sometimes be flaky or inconsistent, and often have fickle tempers that can fire up out of nowhere, and then disappear as quickly as they arrived.

River children are associated with the forehead, chest, feet, and joints. Their preferred color is brown and affiliated flower is lily.

[top]Laom - Tree

Those born during ur seven and eight (between 2:25 PM and 7:12 PM) are the children of the tree, or cíid óis laom. Tree children are stoic observers and well-balanced individuals. They do not experience the emotional tantrums that befall river and cloud children, and can sometimes be characterized as emotionless or indifferent. They are warm and nurturing people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty to achieve a goal, and are fiercely protective of their inner circle of family and friends. Strongly loyal, they make wonderful companions and are trustworthy. Their extreme honesty can be burdensome to others, and they will often "tell it like it is", with little regard for how it could make others feel. Their structured lifestyle is often necessary for other signs, such as ocean children.

Tree children are associated with the neck, back, lower legs, and temples. Their preferred color is green and affiliated flower is cherry.

[top]Galoc - Ocean

Finally, children born during ur nine and ten (between 7:13 PM and 12:00 AM) are the children of the ocean, cíid óis galoc. Ocean children are strong individuals, and like river children, very perseverant. They tend to be somewhat fickle but rarely disagreeable; they most readily will bury their emotions and address them alone, if at all. They are not happy with routines or much structure, and often require someone else to impose structure on them in order to function. They are consequently a bit messy, but rarely dirty. They can manage with small changes easily but often are derailed by large ones. Emotionally, they will often appear good-humored, when in reality there is a storm raging internally. They are protective and defensive of those they deem worthy but are quick to spurn those who they feel have maligned them; second chances are not in a ocean child's vocabulary.

Ocean children are associated with the abdomen, groin, sinuses, and palms of hands and feet. Their preferred color is gray and affiliated flower is yarrow.

[top]Edge Children

Individuals born near the edges of an or are called edge children, cíid óis slaor in Edievian. The edge of an or is defined usually as one to two oraiuf from the beginning or end of an or. Edge children have their own signs (pem óis slaor) that are considered combinations of the nearest signs. The edge signs are:

UrPemEnglishTimes of Birth
2 - Cloudsubod
snow4:33 AM - 5:02 AM
3 - Mountain
4 - Mountainboblan
bobla n
spring9:21 AM - 9:50 AM
5 - River
6 - Rivergraslan
gra sla n
meadow2:09 PM - 2:38 PM
7 - Tree
8 - Treebar
ba r
marsh4:57 PM - 5:26 PM
9 - Ocean
10 - Oceanaog
fog11:45 PM - 12:14 AM
1 - Cloud

Edge children are somewhat rare (as their birth has to fall in half hour spans), and are thought to take on the aspects of both of their constituent signs. For example, fog children, born on the edge of cloud and ocean, are adaptable, sometimes sneaky, moody yet easy-going (in that they can hide their emotions enough to function when needed), and a bit unpredictable (will they persevere or will they flake?).

[top]Chart of the Signs

Below is a comprehensive chart of all the signs, the ur, times of birth, and associated symbols.

OrPemEnglishTimes of BirthColorBody PartsFlowerCharacteristicsPem óis SlaorEnglishEdge Times
Qbla c
Cloud12:01 AM - 4:48 AMbluehair, ears,
eyes, hands
lilacadaptable, easy-going,
avoid conflict, temperamental,
Fog11:45 PM - 12:14 AM
Snow4:33 AM - 5:02 AM
La gxn
Mountain4:49 AM - 9:36 AMredjaw, nose,
arms, thighs
lavenderstrong-willed, stubborn,
respect authority, brazen,
Bobla n
Spring9:21 AM - 9:50 AM
Ca rgxg
River9:37 AM - 2:24 PMbrownforehead, chest,
feet, joints
lilytenacious, adaptable,
free-spirited, fickle,
flaky, dislike confinement
Gra sla n
Meadow2:09 PM - 2:38 PM
Tree2:25 PM - 7:12 PMgreenneck, back,
lower legs, temples
cherrystoic, emotionally balanced,
nurturing, structured,
truthful, indifferent
Ba r
Marsh4:57 PM - 5:26 PM
Ga loc
Ocean7:13 PM - 12:00 AMgrayabdomen, groin,
sinuses, palms of
hands and feet
yarrowfickle, agreeable,
perseverant, disorganized,
defensive, free-spirited
Fog11:45 PM - 12:14 AM
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