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Netherstream Bridge
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This public article was written by Avlönskt, and last updated on 21 Feb 2015, 10:01.

6. Swing
The government has today announced that the bridge to Nithalosia/Xynder has been completed. The project cost $1.6 billion, and took three years to complete.

The bridge spans the Netherstream between Eqhan in Seret, Nithalosia, and Kay, Exgot, Xynderland. It is expected to be open to vehicle by early next month.

Nithalosia president Vortala will open the bridge at the Seret end just outside the customs and immigration buildings of the Nithalosian government. Xynder President Krystianen will be opening the bridge simultaneously accompanied by crew from Xynderland's broadcaster.

It is estimated that it will take half an hour for an average car to cross, making it faster than taking a boat.

Due to ease of transportation, the speed limit on the bridge is said to exceed that of the highest in Xynderland. Many citizens from both countries are eager towards this new construction and await its opening to take place.
"This will strengthen the bond between our two nations for generations to come," reports one citizen.

The following message was broadcast by the hosts of the Xynderland news channel:
"It is a beautiful symbol of the strength at which the relationship between our countries stands, strong from its formation several centuries ago. We salute you, Nithalosia!"

Upon the day of the opening, the presidents are to present themselves before the bridge, saying whatever they may to the people of the nation. Then they are to drive to the centre mark of the bridge shaking hands across the effective border. Such a spectacular and memorable moment it will be for both the nations and their people.
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